Neuerscheinungen im April

Neuerscheinungen auf Cherry Red, Lilith und Fire Fidelity Labels

Folgende Vinyl Titel erscheinen im April neu und sind durch uns zu beziehen:

Samurai – Samurai

Samurai - Samurai - Vinyl-Schallplatte bei KlangheimatTitel

– Side A: 1. Saving It Up For So Long 2. More Rain 3. Maudie James 4. Holy Padlock Side B: 1. Give A Little Love 2.Face In The Mirror 3. As I Dried The Tears Away

Cherry Red Phonograph



Soft Machine – Softs

Soft Machine - Softs - Vinyl-Schallplatte bei KlangheimatTitel

– Side A: 1. Aubade 2. The Tale Of Taliesin 3. Ban-Ban Caliban 4. Song Of Aeolus Side B: 1. Out Of Season 2.Second Bundle 3. Kayoo 4. The Camden Tandem 5. Nexus 6. One Over The Eight 7. Etika

Cherry Red Phonograph


Affinity – Affinity
2LP,180g, Klappcover + Bonus CD des Albums

Affinity - Affinity - Vinyl-Schallplatte - Cherry Red Phonograph,LRDLP324 KlangheimatTitel


 – Side A: 1. I Am and So Are You 2. Night Flight 3. I Wonder If I Care as Much 4. Mr. Joy Side B: 1. Three Sisters 2.Coconut Grove 3. All Along the Watchtower Side C: 1. Eli’s Coming 2. United States Of Mind 3. Yes Man 4. If You Live Side D:1. I Am The Walrus 2. You Met Your Match 3. Long Voyage 4. Little Lonely Man



Gary Moore – Live At Montreux 1997
2LP, 180g, Bonus CD des Albums

Gary Moore - Live At Montreux - Vinyl-Schallplatte Lilith,LRDLP327 - KlangheimatTitel


 – Side A: 1. One Good Reason 2. One Fine Day 3. Cold Wind Blows 4. Oh Pretty Woman Side B: 1. I've Found MyLove in You 2. Always There for You 3. Walking by Myself Side C: 1. Business as Usual 2. Out in the Fields Side D: 1. Over the Hills and Far Away 2. Parisienne Walkways



JAD FAIR – Beautiful Songs: The Best Of The Best Of Jad Fair
LP mit bedruckter Innenhüller  + free download card

JAD FAIR – Beautiful Songs: The Best Of The Best Of Jad Fair-Vinyl-Schallplatte,Fire Fidelity labels,FF138Titel


Tracks – Side A: 1. All The Angels Said Go To Her 2. Do You Have A Friend? 3. Song Of Joy 4. Firecracker 5. Amy You Went

Away 6. Ride Ride Ride 7.Shy Around Girls 8. US Teens Are Spoiled Bums 9. I’m Gona Come Back To You 10. This Could Be The 

Night 11. True Believers 12. Dreamy Eyes 13. Angela Side B: 1. XXOO 2. It Walks At Night 3. Sweet Soda Pop 4. Charmed Life 

5. The Zombies Of Mora-Tau 6. Silver And Katherine 7. Love And Comfort 8. Eat That Cake 9. Patty 10. That Dress 11.

Monster Island

Fire Fidelity Labels, FF138


picture LP in PVC Innenhülle mit gedrucktem Insert + lyrics


iHOWE GELB AND A BAND OF GYPSIES – Alegrias - Fire Fidelity Labels - Vinyl-Schallplatte Klangheimat FFP166Titel
– Side A: 1. 4 Door Maverick 2. Uneven Light Of Day 3. The Ballad Of Lole Y Manuel 4. Cowboy Boots On Cobble Stone 5. Notoriety 6. Blood Orange Side B: 1. Lost Like A Boat Full Of Rice 2. Broken Bird And The Ghost River 3. (There were) Always Horses Coming 4. The Hangin' Judge 5. Saint Conformity 6. Where The Wind Turns The Skin To Leather 7. One Diner Town

Fire Fidelity Labels, FFP166


HOWE GELB AND A BAND OF GYPSIES – Alegrias-Vinyl-Schallplatte Fire Fidelity Labels-Klangheimat